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Dear Dr. Cohen,

I want to say "thank you" so very much for your kindness when I was in San Jose visiting my family. You made my stay very pleasant and I really appreciate all that you did.

Sincerely, G.L.

Thank you for all your help this year with my crown. Your skill, and kindness and patience through the multiple appointments and hours of drilling were very much appreciated.

I wanted to let you know that the crown has been a great fit since it was cemented. Also, despite the removal of a lot of the tooth, it is no more temperature sensitive than any of my other teeth. I believe this is due to the care that was taken to build the tooth back up again before making the impression for the crown.

Thank you very much for your excellent care. It is a great relief to have this work completed so well.


Good afternoon Dr. Cohen,

Just wanted to thank you for how you handled my son's fear last week when you pulled of his teeth. I was very relieved to see how he finally relaxed and trusted you. That says a lot. He babied his mouth for a couple days. Other than that, his mouth is doing great and healing very fast.

Thank you, Dr. Cohen, for your consideration.


Hi there Doctor Steven,

I wanted to say that I really appreciate the way you get back to your patients the way you do when there are any outstanding issues or even just discomfort.

Thanks very much,

Your patient, Tom

Hello Everyone,

You're staff is so great! Everyone is so friendly and I really enjoy being there. Like I said before, "It's more relaxing than being at home with the kids"!!! I'll be in again soon.

Take Care,

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